New Growth

Our Loans

R&D Tax Credit Loan

If you do R&D and are eligible for R&D Tax Credits, we can advance fund these early, so you can accelerate your growth, or increase your cash runway.


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Revenue Loans

If you have SaaS revenues or B2B of £1mm/year or more, or you have e-commerce revenues of £2mm/year, you may be eligible for one of MRR loans.

With MRR loans, you pay us monthly a percentage of your revenues (typically 10-25%) until the loan is fully paid off, so repayments scale with your earnings.

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Innovate UK & other government grants

Getting a government grant is great - but then comes the headache of financing it.  We can help, with loans of up to 80% of your grant amount. 

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Bridge Loans

Series A or B is all lined up, but you need that extra time to sign that client up or finish that product in order to achieve a higher valuation?

An equity Bridge Loan may then be the right answer.  If you have some revenues and at least 1 institutional investor already, you may be eligible for one of our bridge loan.

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Traditional Venture Debt

Ready for Series A or Series B round of financing?

Ready to dilute yourself?


Or would you rather keep more of your company by using some Venture Debt alongside equity?

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Anything Else?

We are focused on helping early-stage businesses.

If you have revenues or grant or an asset you think we should be able to finance, but it doesn't quite fit in the loans described here, we may still be able to help.

In those cases, do 
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